My special thanks to the editors who have given permission for their zines to be featured. Your generosity has been extraordinary.

This site wouldn't be possible without the help of the following people, who have provided inspiration, encouragement, and practical help with the provision and scanning of some of the zines featured on the site.

A big shout-out to Jamie Grey, who posted a photo of my cover to Cerebro #23 on Sparky Ryan's excellent 'Marvel UK Comics' Facebook group. Jamie was kind enough to send me a copy of the cover, and helped remind me just how much I'd enjoyed my time in Fandom.

This led to me finding the blog sites of the following people, all of who showed that there was still interest out there in this material. All well worth a visit.

John Freeman

John Innes

Harry McAvinchey

Dez Skinn

Lew Stringer

Russell Willis

Ken Meyer Jr.

The following is a list of editors and zine contributors, who have been kind enough to give permission and practical support to the project. I'm sure this list will grow as time goes on. Please forgive me (and let me know) if I've forgotten anyone.

Richard Ashford, Marc Baines, John Bishop, Norman Boyd, Lawrence Burton, Richard Burton, Paul Chokran, Nevs Coleman, Jonathan Cresswell, Mike Cruden, Paul Duncan, Phil Elliott, Colin Gould, Ron Hall, Phil Hall, Martin Hand, Peter Higham, Dave Hornsby, Fiona Jerome, Gez Kelly, Andrew Littlefield, Martin Lock, Joe Mathews, Andrew Moreton, Gary Spencer Millidge, Will Morgan, Nick Neocleous, Russ Nicholson, Colin Noble, Steve Parkhouse, David Roach, Sean Roberts, Jason Schachter, Richard Sheaf, Leigh Shepherd, Mike Teague, Keith W. Williams, Dave Windett, Paul Windett, Hass Yusuf.


If you would like to contribute to the archive, I'd love to hear from you. The more people who become involved, the easier it will be to build this site into a comprehensive record and resource.

I'm more than willing to perform the scanning duties, but if you would like to do it yourself, please scan the pages at same size, 300 dpi. Greyscale is fine for monochrome pages and colour for covers (if needed). Images should be saved as TIF files or 100% JPEGS.

Also, I'd just like to say that I'm far from infallible, and I'm sure that I will make mistakes from time to time. Please know that I will be very grateful for any and all information people can send my way.

I would love to see someone write the definitive history of UK Comics Fandom at some point. That person may or may not be me, but I would hope that whoever does so, could glean some useful information from this site, and if so, I'd like it to be as accurate as possible.

Thank you so much, to everyone.

The top image here is the original scan of the cover to ARK #25, by Kevin O'Neil. Bottom image is the 'restored' version.

When restoring the Covers to the zines (and the interiors too in some cases before creating the PDFs), I try my best to strike an acceptable balance between not changing the original image, and presenting the work as I imagine it was intended to be seen.

Needless to say, this is much more enjoyable for me when it's a piece of artwork, rather than spotting out pages of 40 year old comics sales lists, but I do my best with each page.