Paul McCartney, Dave Womack, George Brown

1 issue

February 1970

It's very unlikely that I'll ever be able to present this issue in it's entirety. Containing work by a then 15 year old, Alan Moore (an article on HOWARD PHILIP LOVECRAFT), it holds the record for the most expensive fanzine ever sold - $5,100 in 2014.

Fifty copies were printed, thirty were circulated (twenty scrapped), and six are known to be held in collections.

An article on John Freeman's downthetubes.net, here, gives more information about the zine itself, and another copy of the very limited print run that was offered for sale.

Flavio Pessanha is lucky enough to own a copy of the zine, and has kindly allowed me to share a link, here, to an article which also contains photographs of the inside of the zine. There's also a transcript of the article itself, written by Alan Moore.

The Covers (Printed front and back on the one fanzine) reproductions here, are my 'clean ups', derived from Flavio's photographs.


COVER BY: Alan Hunter


COVER BY: Alan Hunter